Sustain RCA show

07/07/2013 | Exhibition / Award

Blastproof will be shown as part of the Sustain RCA exhibition from September 19th and October 3rd at the RCA (Kensington Campus).

Design Innovation in plastics Award - DESIGN FOR DISASTER RELIEF

25/06/2013 | Award

I have been awarded the 2013 Design Innovation in plastics Award.

The jury who selected my work consisted of - Richard Brown (G&A Moulding Technology), Mandy Haberman (Haberman Products), Rob Holdway (Giraffe Innovation), Dr Robin Kent (Tangram Technology), Morag Hutcheon (Quadro Design Associates), Ian Kelshaw (Bayer MaterialScience) and James Steiner (PDD).


10/04/2013 | Work / Exhibition

Blastproof will be featured as part of the 2013 RCA SHOW between 20th - 30th June. I will be exhibiting a summary of the research and a selection of the tools that have been the products of a 6 month exploration of the multifaceted problems posed by landmines.

This hands on exhibition is designed to give visitors a rare insight into these deadly explosive devices and the lives of those who work to remove them. This is achieved through simulations created by tools whose purpose is to educate civilians and train removal teams working to clear contaminated land.

I am planning to be available at the show space during its opening hours of 12 (noon) – 8pm, if you would like to talk to me about this project or any of my other work please get in contact.

For updates on the project follow me on twitter or linked in.

Blastproof Demo - RCA Sustain 2013 from Chris Natt on Vimeo.

pecha kucha - Made in Brunel - Oxo tower


I will be one of 9 speakers at this years Made in Brunel.

13 June 2013, 6.30pm - 9.0pm

Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, South Bank, London SE1 9PH

Ma /Msc - The Royal College of Art


I have completed and passed my Double Masters in Innovation Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art and will officially graduate later this year. My final project developed at the college is called 'Blastproof' will be on show at the RCA in July.

I am now on the hunt for work and will be in San Francisco from the 27th february for 3 week to see what opportunities there may be. If you would like to meet me during this time or the UK from April onwards please get in contact.

Blastproof - Solo Project

21/10/2012 | Education

Blastproof is my final project at the Royal College of Art, its core aim is to reduce the number of injuries caused by landlines and the barriers they create. The projects aim is to produce a better understanding of the disruption these deadly devices have on the development of post war economies and to propose appropriate routs forward regarding the development of new technologies for the ongoing conflict to remove the estimates 100 million mechanical soldiers of war that still remain undetonated.

More info

Loowatt - Madagascar

25/07/2012 | Work

I am back in the UK after a stint of work in Madagascar with the Loowatt team, Since rejoining the team in May i have been helping to further develop their waterless toilet in preparation for the next set of trials due to commence next October in Antananarivo, The pilot is supported by a grant from the Gates Foundation and will be on show at the Re-invent the Toilet Fair this August.

A selection of Photos I took whilst working on the project in Madagascar can be found on Loowatts flickr and a video introducing the pilot can be found here.

Heineken future Packaging concepts

18/05/2012 | Work / Education

Concept work for Heineken reached the second stage of their sustainability challenge and a short introduction to my entries can be found here.

James Irvine Studio

02/04/2012 | Work / Education

Over the past week I have been working in James Irvine's studio based in Milan. This work placement was organised for me by the RSA and allowed me access to James for feedback on my work and to help me develop ideas whilst in his studio. The week was a great opportunity to gain insight into how James operates his company whilst gaining feedback on the development of my own projects and ideas for the future.

Pulse - Work In Progress

03/01/2012 | Work / Education

Pulse will be exhibited as part of the Work in Progress Show at the Royal College of Art from the 26th of January - 5th of February.

An overview of the project can be found here.

Pulse was developed over 3 months in collaboration with Joel Trotter and Gaurav Raut. We would like to thank Rio Tinto for sponsoring the project in the later stages of development.

Made In Brunel – Journeys fuelled by Ideas

14/01/2012 | Education

I spent the afternoon as a judge at an event organised by the 2012 'Made in Brunel" team. 1st and 2nd year students were briefed to create concepts around several themes with the aim of creating tangible ideas that could enhance the experience of the 'Made in Brunel' Show. I cannot disclose the winning idea, but am excited by several starting points the students have created which have the potential to be realized by the exhibition in June.

I graduated from Brunel in 2008, the first year entrants of that year are now the final year students who are running the 2012 'Made in Brunel' Show. What is great is that the energetic and enthusiastic vibes I knew at Brunel have not changed. Since graduation I have spent time studying at 5 other institutions around the world and begun tutoring at others. For me, Brunel's strength as an industrial design program arises from 2 things. Firstly, the way the course is facilitated fosters a positive and passionate community that has not got an 'us and them' attitude between most staff and students. Secondly, the workshops and the staff who man them are great, they are pretty much second to none and more importantly accessible. During my time at Brunel I learnt as much from the technicians as I did from the teaching staff.

Made in Brunel 2012 show ‘Journeys fuelled by Ideas’ will be held at the Bargehouse on London’s Southbank from 14th – 17th June 2012. If you can go I’d highly recommend it! More information can be found here.

Design London Fellowship

15/12/2011 | Education

I have been awarded a Design London fellowship and have commenced studying as part of the Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Design Fellowship program. The Fellowship is based at Imperial College Business School and focuses on developing business skills in design and engineering. Project Sting (my graduate project from my BA at Brunel University) is one of 24 projects that have been selected by Design London for a group of fellows to assess and explore the possibilities of commercialization.

I will be working closely with a team of MBA’s and Engineers based at Design London developing a business proposal that will be presented later this year.

4711 Concepts

08/11/2011 | Competition / Just for fun

Ideation for 4711 cologne brand – Details here


04/07/2011 | Education

For my dissertation, I plan to explore and understand the appropriate role of designers in addressing problems of those living in poverty, and examine what methods and approaches we should use in design to deliver the most relevant and successful plans that can be implemented in a sustainable manner.

My interest in the subject comes from my personal experiences with design for development projects. These have caused me to consider how often and how much design fulfils its stated aims and objectives. Design for development is a growing area, but how often do such well intentioned interventions that claim to have the potential to achieve so much, deliver positive outcomes? Furthermore, what can we learn from the actual outcomes?

For part of my research I will spend a month at Yonsei University, Seoul to take part in the Index 'Design To Improve Life' workshop. Whilst taking part in the core workshop I will also be undertaking two additional courses called Cultural Probes in Practice and Design Methods and Tools for User Driven Innovation.

An introduction to the paper can be found here.

UPDATE: The dissertation was awarded a distinction and is available in the RCA library.

Man Group Drawing Prize Exhibition

21/04/2011 | Exhibition

Sketch rendering from my first year at the Royal College of Art are to be Exhibited in the Man Group Drawing Prize Exhibition from the 4-8 April.

Courtyard Galleries- Ground floor Darwin, Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore, London SW7 2EU

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