Blastproof will be featured as part of the 2013 RCA SHOW between 20th – 30th June. I will be exhibiting a summary of the research and a selection of the tools that have been the products of a 6 month exploration of the multifaceted problems posed by landmines.

This hands on exhibition is designed to give visitors a rare insight into these deadly explosive devices and the lives of those who work to remove them. This is achieved through simulations created by tools whose purpose is to educate civilians and train removal teams working to clear contaminated land.

I am planning to be available at the show space during its opening hours of 12 (noon) – 8pm, if you would like to talk to me about this project or any of my other work please get in contact.

For updates on the project follow me on twitter or linked in.

Blastproof Demo – RCA Sustain 2013 from Chris Natt on Vimeo.

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