Blastproof was recognised in this years Core77 Awards.


Landmines are but a vicarious news item (or metaphor) for most of us, but they are a daily reality for residents of war-torn nations. Royal College of Art student Chris Natt brings us an interactive look into the daily lives of the people responsible for removing the weapons from conflict-affected areas. Throughout the exhibit, visitors can interact with electronic replicas of the devices and experience the visuals that go hand-in-hand with the explosives. “Fascinating R&D with a critical subtext: Reactive training tools that enhance the perception of mine hazards,” says juror Hayley Eber. “The museum-based detonation triggers a range of auditory, visual and tactile stimuli to communicate the event. It would be great if the installation could find a permanent home, and the prototypes went beyond 3D printing.” Fellow juror Jake Barton appreciates the attention to the sensitive material: “It’s really, really hard to make something that horrific be both experiential, impactful, and also respectful. I think it’s the right mix and a great achievement.”


Student Interiors & Exhibitions Winner

Jury :

Geoff Manaugh (Editor-in-Chief at Gizmodo)

Jake Barton (Principal and Founder of Local Projects)

Hayley Eber (Co-Founder of EFGH)

Yen Ha (Founding Principal at Front Studio)

Michi Yanagishita (Principal at Front Studio)


Student Strategy & Research Notable

Jury :

Larry Keeley (President and Co-Founder of Doblin Inc.)

Jeff Semenchuk (Chief Innovation Officer at Hyatt)

Tomoko Ichikawa (Sr. Lecturer of Design at IIT Institute of Design)

Todd MacCulloch (Principal at McCullough Partners, LLC)

Kim Erwin (Assistant Professor at IIT Institute of Design)