Ma /Msc – The Royal College of Art

February 10, 2013By chrisnattUncategorized

I have completed and passed my Double Masters in Innovation Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art and will officially graduate later this year. My final project developed at the college is called Blastproof will be on show at the RCA in July. I am now on the hunt for work and will be … Read More

Blastproof – Solo Project

October 21, 2012By chrisnattWork

Blastproof is my final project at the Royal College of Art, its core aim is to reduce the number of injuries caused by landlines and the barriers they create. The projects aim is to produce a better understanding of the disruption these deadly devices have on the development of post war economies and to propose … Read More

Loowatt – Madagascar

July 25, 2012By chrisnattWork

I am back in the UK after a stint of work in Madagascar with the Loowatt team, Since rejoining the team in May i have been helping to further develop their waterless toilet in preparation for the next set of trials due to commence next October in Antananarivo, The pilot is supported by a grant … Read More

James Irvine Studio

April 2, 2012By chrisnattWork

Over the past week I have been working in James Irvine’s studio based in Milan. This work placement was organised for me by the RSA and allowed me access to James for feedback on my work and to help me develop ideas whilst in his studio. The week was a great opportunity to gain insight … Read More

Lottery of Birth – Charity Exhibition and Auction

March 20, 2012By chrisnattExhibitions

Artwork created during the sting project will be on show at The Lottery of Birth Exhibition at the London School of Economincs from 20th – 30th of May. The exhibition focuses on the theme "The Lottery of Birth" and has been organised by the charity YUDO. The exhibited work will be auctioned on the 30th … Read More

Made In Brunel – Journeys fuelled by Ideas

January 14, 2012By chrisnattUncategorized

I spent the afternoon as a judge at an event organised by the 2012 ‘Made in Brunel” team. 1st and 2nd year students were briefed to create concepts around several themes with the aim of creating tangible ideas that could enhance the experience of the ‘Made in Brunel’ Show. I cannot disclose the winning idea, … Read More

Pulse – Work In Progress

January 3, 2012By chrisnattExhibitions

Pulse will be exhibited as part of the Work in Progress Show at the Royal College of Art from the 26th of January – 5th of February. An overview of the project can be found here. Pulse was developed over 3 months in collaboration with Joel Trotter and Gaurav Raut. We would like to thank … Read More

Design London Fellowship

December 15, 2011By chrisnattAwards

I have been awarded a Design London fellowship and have commenced studying as part of the Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Design Fellowship program. The Fellowship is based at Imperial College Business School and focuses on developing business skills in design and engineering. Project Sting (my graduate project from my BA at Brunel University) is one of … Read More

Man Group Drawing Prize Exhibition

April 21, 2011By chrisnattAwards, Exhibitions

Sketch rendering from my first year at the Royal College of Art are to be Exhibited in the Man Group Drawing Prize Exhibition from the 4-8 April. Courtyard Galleries- Ground floor Darwin, Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore, London SW7 2EU

Go Global – National Institute of Design – India

April 10, 2011By chrisnattWork

Go Global is annual collaboration organized by the RCA, which this year was held with the National Institute of Design at their campus in Ahmedabad, India. All projects focussed on the subject of craft, During our stay in India, we visited many Indian craftsmen and Artisans whose skills ranged from painters, bell makers and weavers … Read More