Chris is a London based designer working to develop solutions and strategies to complex challenges. His work combines design methods such as human-centred research, rapid prototyping and design reviews with strategic tools for selecting and prioritising opportunities. 

He has international experience leading design research projects using techniques such as shadowing, user interviews, experience mapping and the design / facilitation of co-creation workshop. Project locations and settings ranging form London hospitals to underserved communities across Africa, Asia, India, South America.

Chris previously worked as the design lead for Loowatt Ltd and has lead projects within the HELIX Centre and the Centre for Blast Injury Studies. He holds qualifications in Design and Engineering from the Royal College of Art, Imperial College London and Brunel University.  He is an alumni of Singularity Universities Global Solutions Program a member of MITs International Design Innovation network

His work has been features in Wired magazine, New Scientist and on the BBC world service. Won recognition from MIT, the British Design Council and exhibited with :INDEX. 

A detailed profile of work can be found on linked-in

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