Project duration: 2012-2014

2013 | IOM3 Design Innovation In Plastics Award | First Place
2011 | RSA Design Awards | Most Memorable Designer
2010 | Northern Futures | Winner in the 3D Design Category


Project Sting - Infection control in Developing Economies

The misuse of traditional injection equipment causes the preventable spread of blood born infections worldwide.

“Annually 21 million hepatitis B infections, 2 million hepatitis C infections and 260,000 HIV/AiDS cases may be caused by re-use of syringes and needles without sterilization and that 5% of new HIV infections in developing and transitional countries may be attributable to unsafe healthcare injections”

The World Health organization (WHO)

Sting is a self contained, cartridge driven injection system that utilises a flexible diaphragm instead of a traditional barrel syringe. The device contains both anti needlestick and a Novel anti reuse technology (Patent no 0810230.3)

Project has been ongoing since 2012 has been developed with a group of MBA students at Design London.