2008 - 2012


2009 | Inovation Labs - Next 06
Get Lost Aarhus


2009 | The Lighting Association
Awards Second Place + Philips Award

2010 | Northern Futures
Winner in the 3D Design Category


The Stimuli light draws inspiration from the response of plant to changes in its environment. Thus the device expresses changes in its immediate surroundings using semantics associated with alterations in colour, movement and shape. The light creates an atmosphere reflective of the subtle changes happening around it.

Using objects to make us more aware of our surroundings is not a new idea. Stimuli 3 plays with the concept of utilizing the semantics of colour, light and shape change, reflecting the dance between the device and its environment. Living light can be experienced and felt in various ways – as brightness and darkness, as concentrated rays or as reflections on a wall – so called "light semantics". - Hannes Wettstein


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